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Web Hosting Tips for Startups in Kenya – Things to look for in a startup-friendly host

Web Hosting Tips for Startups in Kenya: Starting an online business in Kenya can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many decisions to make, one of the most important is choosing the right web host. The web host you select will play a pivotal role in your startup’s online success.

For Kenya-based startups, there are web hosting providers that cater specifically to your needs. The key is finding one that offers startup-friendly features at an affordable price. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a web host for your Kenyan startup:

Web Hosting Tips for Startups in Kenya

1. Location Matters

One of the first things to consider is whether the web host has servers located in Kenya or at least somewhere in Africa. Local servers will provide faster page load speeds for your Kenyan visitors. Slow load times are detrimental to SEO and conversion rates.

You want a host with servers based nearby so your site doesn’t have to travel far. This will reduce latency issues and downtime. Be sure to ask potential hosts where their servers are housed.

2. Affordable Pricing

Cost is often the biggest factor for startups when choosing a host. You want reliable service at a price you can afford in those early stages when budgets are tight. Look for monthly plans in the Ksh 1500 to ksh 6000 range.

Some hosts offer discounted introductory offers, free domains, and money-back guarantees. This helps reduce the initial risk when starting out. Just be sure to factor in renewal pricing. Introductory discounts don’t last forever.

3. Easy Scalability

Even if you start small, your goal is to grow. You want a hosting solution that scales with your traffic needs. Cloud hosting provides the best scalability to support future growth.

Look for a web host that offers easy upgrades to higher-level plans. This may include adding more server resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. The ability to scale ensures your site won’t crash when traffic spikes.

4. Robust Customer Support

Any issues with your website being down or security problems can devastate a startup. You need 24/7 customer support in case problems arise. This includes phone, email, live chat, and an online knowledge base.

Be sure to test out the customer service before signing up. Open a chat window and submit a ticket to see response times. Fast and thorough support is vital.

5. Optimized WordPress Hosting

If you’re building your site on the WordPress platform, look for specialized WordPress hosting. These plans are fine-tuned for optimal WordPress performance.

Features like one-click installs, managed updates, backups, caching, and security protects you from headaches. For ecommerce sites, some hosts offer WooCommerce-optimized plans.

6. Easy to Use Control Panel

You don’t want a host with an overly complex control panel. Look for an intuitive interface that lets you manage your account without learning a new skill.

The cPanel control panel is a popular choice among hosts. It provides an easy way to manage domains, files, databases, email accounts, and more.

Some key features to look for include one-click installation of scripts, drag-and-drop site builders, and tools to monitor resource usage and uptime.

7. Multiple Datacenter Locations

To protect against local network outages, look for a host with datacenters in multiple geographic regions. That way if one location goes down, your site can fail over to another datacenter.

This redundancy ensures the highest possible uptime and reliability. Ask hosts about their datacenter locations and failover capabilities.

8. SSL Certificate Included

An SSL certificate encrypts connections to your website and helps build trust with visitors. It also gives your site a performance boost in Google rankings.

Many hosts include free SSL certificates with their plans. This saves you the hassle and added cost of purchasing your own SSL cert. Just be sure automatic renewal is included.

9. Sufficient Resources

Entry-level shared hosting plans often limit resources like bandwidth, databases, email accounts, and more. Be clear on the resources you need and choose a plan that fits.

Look for unlimited bandwidth and databases suitable for your site. Also confirm that resources can scale as your traffic grows over time.

10. Local Payment Options

Paying for web hosting should be simple. Choose a provider that offers payment options tailored for Kenyan startups.

Look for support for mobile money services like M-Pesa along with credit cards. Some hosts accept PayPal as well. This flexibility makes payment seamless.

11. Website Backups

Unexpected issues can wipe out your site. From security threats to server failures, you need a safety net. Choose a host that performs automatic daily backups of your site files and databases.

Restoring from a recent backup keeps downtime to a minimum. You also want the ability to perform manual backups at any time.

12. Speed Optimized Infrastructure

Faster sites rank higher and convert better. Your host’s infrastructure plays a key role in site speed. Here are some speed-boosting features to look for:

  • SSD storage – Solid-state drives deliver faster access times.
  • HTTP/2 support – This protocol speeds up page loading.
  • CDN integration – A content delivery network stores cached copies globally.
  • Caching tools – Caching minimizes server requests for commonly accessed data.
  • Optimized stacks like Nginx – High-performance web servers and technology stacks.

Getting your startup online doesn’t have to be complex. Focus on finding a locally based host that offers the essential features needed for success. With an affordable and startup-friendly web host, you can focus on growing your Kenyan business.

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